According to your wish we offer breakfast or half- pension. The Istrian kitchen is popular in the world , so you’ll be undoubtedly amazed by the traditional melas tipical for this region, all of them homemade, according to the biological rules (wheat, meat, vegetables, fruit…), prepared at your request by the excellent cook Rita (she was many times awarded for cooking on local competitions). She will be deligjted if you’ll let her teach you cook the Istrian specialities, according to the traditional recipes.
You can also taste the homemade wine, with no additives, the red wine (teran) and the white wine (malvasia), as well as the local brandy.
The tavern an the barbecue set are also at your diposal, as well as the garden, where you can enjoy in the deep shadow of the walnut-tree, relax and read or enjoy the view.